Our Scarecrows are Famous!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Well, maybe not famous. But one of Judy's fabulous fall photo cards was featured in the Find of the Day on FoundHandmade! They did a wonderful collection of scarecrows and we're very proud that the photo in this post was included. FoundHandmade looks like a pretty cool site and I'm planning on checking out more of what they have to offer.

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Gearing Up

Thursday, September 10, 2009

It's been busy here at Weiswomen HQ. The other half of Weiswomen Creations (aka, my mom) is headed to Boston as we speak, along with another Weiswoman (aka, my sister). We have a fun-filled weekend planned, including a Duck Tour. In addition to getting ready for their visit (oh, and working at my day job) I've been ramping up different aspects of our business. I already posted about rearranging our Etsy shop but there has been lots more going on:

*Making more jewelry (like the lovely starburst earrings pictured in this post).

*Adding all the new jewelry to our inventory program, photographing it, and listing it.

*Listing our fabulous Fall themed photo cards in all three shops.

*Setting up an ArtFire kiosk on our brand new Facebook Fan Page.

*Ordering a new design for our business cards and labels, by the wonderful Thompson Designs. They are going to have the same awesome design as all of our shop banners.

*Ordering mailing envelopes, jewelry boxes, earrings displays, and gift bags.

There are still lots more new products to come, including our Halloween photo cards. Plus, be on the lookout for the announcement of our first ever sale!

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All the pretty colors!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

I'm so excited. After a long (reaaaaalllllyyy long) wait, we can finally rearrange our Weiswomen Etsy shop. Every who knows me can attest to the fact that I'm a little (well, a lot) anal retentive. It has always bothered me that our shop looked disorganized - the items are featured in the order they were posted, so items of different colors and types were all mixed in together. Well, today was my lucky day. The new "rearrange your shop" feature went live and I could take action. There are so many possibilities! Do I put all the channel set Swarovski earrings together? Or all the photo cards? Or all the cloisonne?

I decided to start with organizing by color, a preference I've mentioned before. Of course there are dilemmas - like the pretty mixed stone memory wire bracelet in the photo, where does that go? What did I decide? You'll have to visit our shop to find out.

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The Weiswomen Pets, Part III

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

And last but not least, the pet that lives with the other Weiswoman - Buddy Harry. Like Pierre, Buddy was an accidental acquisition. We had dogs growing up, most notably two different dogs named Daisy (and come to think of it, the second Daisy was an accidental acquisition as well, this might be a family thing). This story won't be as long as the other two Weiswomen pet stories (stop applauding!) because I wasn't there for this one. Apparently, my father came home from work one night with Buddy and now he's part of the family. My sister is a major Harry Potter fan so she added "Harry" to his name. He's a Pekingese, a pretty chill dog and as you can see, pretty adorable as well. When my mother started using Photoshop Elements to make photo cards she got the great idea to make Pop-Art style pet portraits. We're going to have her create one for Bunk and you can have one made for your own pet too!

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