So, Who Are the Weiswomen?

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

What the heck are Weiswomen? Or more accurately, who are the Weiswomen? No need to wonder any longer - we’re a crafty Mother-Daughter duo - I’m Jennifer (the Daughter) and Judy is the Mother. I lives outside of Boston with my husband and Judy lives with her husband, another daughter (who is also pretty crafty) and a dog named Buddy. We have been crafting together for a long time and this shop is the culmination of several years of dreaming about starting our own business to sell the things we love to make. The start of the business was delayed by my adventures in graduate school but now that I finally finished my PhD so I can focus more on crafting.

This summer we took the plunge and Weiswomen Creations was born. You can find our online store right here. We've also hosted holiday shopping open houses.

I love lots of types of crafts but I focus primarily on making jewelry, especially colorful and fun earrings. Judy knits extraordinary items and makes beautiful cards and invitations. She’s also discovered Photoshop Elements and has been making some very cool customized pet photographs.

I'll be doing most of the blogging and I'm really looking forward to sharing (and showing off!) what we’ve been working on and what's going on in our world!

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